History of Association  
The history of Pakistan Pumps and Electric Motors Manufactures Association (PPEMMA) is almost as old as the history of manufacturing of electric motors and pumps in the country. Pakistan Pumps & Electric Motors Manufacturers Association (PPEMMA) is the premier national manufacturing and trade association for this sector representing it in Pakistan. PPEMMA is the only association of Pakistan which represents +150 manufacturers from this industry.

These manufacturing units are playing their vital role in fulfilling the local demand by producing different types of pumps and electric motors for domestic, agricultural, commercial & industrial usage. They are manufacturing deep-well injector pumps, mono-block pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, reciprocating positive displacement pumps, jet pumps and single & three phase electric induction motors etc. In such a way, this sector is saving enormous amount of foreign exchange. Other than catering the local demand, this industry is also a huge source of employment provision in shape of direct employees, vendors, sub-vendors and plumbers etc.

At the beginning, manufacturers realized the need of combined plate form as well as mutual efforts for the development of industry. Although association had been inactive repeatedly, yet association is working splendidly in recent years. This effectiveness came into existence because of repercussion of ‘Energy Conservation’, giving status to India as ‘Most Favorite Nation (MFN)’ by the Govt. and launching of ‘Labeling Regime’.

Now, a new cabinet came into business under the leadership of Mr. Abdul Rauf Mughal. So, a new journey was started with new zeal and zest, which is being carried on with stunning success with the blessings of Allah.

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