President's Message  
Pakistan has rich human resources and this offers immense potential for growth in the Pumps & Electric Motors Manufacturing Industry. In our country this sector has vibrant capacity with major manufacturers and it is fulfilling around 90% of local demand. I am proud of the contributions made by our members for satisfying local clientage in shape of Deep-Well Injector Pumps, Mono-Block Pumps, Jet Pumps, Reciprocating Positive Displacement Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps and Electric Induction Motors etc. This is only due to the high levels of localization achieved by our members. Even in the presence of turmoil & terror, power outages & devaluation, tsunami & earthquakes, this industry is striving for the maximum, generating employment, saving valuable foreign exchange of our country. We, at PPEMMA, are convinced that, given a supportive environment, the Pumps & Electric Motors Manufacturing Industry has the potential to spearhead the country's economic growth and contribute, in a major way, towards job creation and industrial investment. Pakistan has a number of challenges, and government has been putting efforts to strengthen the capacity of different stakeholders with the support of national and international organizations, wherein "Pakistan Pumps & Motors Manufacturing Industry" can be engaged in a manner that the resources can be utilized in a multiplying manner. PPEMMA has imminent responsibility in this cause, and the steps need to be taken, wherein PPEMMA can ensure implementation of all governmental regulations which can help reduce the wastage of energy. This is the very reason that the government of Pakistan has been engaging international bodies in order to assist us in building the capacity of manufacturers to utilize from internationally acceptable energy efficient tools, approaches and resources. Encouraging the use of energy efficient motors would benefit the consumers through reduction in their energy bills. And over the time, this will reduce the demand for electricity generation by substantial amount, and thus help the country to partially overcome the menace of load shedding. Labeling regime, at present is going to be on voluntary basis but it will become mandatory after 3 years or so. Through this plate form we have to find out the ways to improve materials, design and windings of the motors techniques of manufacturers of this industry. We will go a long way to improve the energy performance of the motors and facilitate the manufacturers to qualify for affixing energy label on their products. I would specially like to appreciate the cooperation and support extended by all the key stakeholders of Energy Efficiency Standards & Labeling including Ministry of Science & Technology and its constituent organizations PCSIR, PSQCA, PNAC, Ministry of Industries, EDB, Ministry of Commerce and various international organizations i.e UNDP, BRESL & ENERCON, in developing and approving of minimum energy performance standards for motors and in formulating the policy and procedure for energy efficiency labeling in Pakistan. I fervently hope and pray that the government will formulate policies that support the local pumps & motors manufacturing industry. Abdul Rauf Mughal President PPEMMA
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